Josh Parker

Owner/CF-L1 Trainer
Josh Parker


  • Certified L1 Trainer


  • Appalachian State University


Josh found his love for sports and fitness as a young kid always playing some sort of sport from age 5 to 18. After graduating from Appalachian State University with a degree in Criminal Justice, Josh worked as a Police Officer for 10 years. Josh learned that you not only had to be mentally fit, but Law Enforcement demanded a level of Physical fitness not only to protect yourself but others as well. Josh went from running miles and miles alone, and working out in his “garage-gym” to accepting an invitation from a fellow Officer to try Cross-fit. Sure enough, after the first-class Josh fell in love with the Community, Coaches, and Encouraging atmosphere. Josh now loves helping others step-out of that comfort zone, try something new, and see lives changed.

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