Garrett Huffman

Garrett Huffman

Garrett Huffman

Certified L1 Trainer



Garrett is the Director of Fitness Performance at 555 Fitness (a firefighter fitness program). He’s a veteran athlete with an impressive resume that includes eight years of powerlifting. During his career, he’s competed for 3 national titles, made 2 appearances at the Arnold Sports Festival, and achieved a No. 1 ranking in the 181-pound weight class. So when a friend dared him to try CrossFit, Garrett couldn’t resist. Always up for a challenge, he went full speed ahead and it was the best decision he’s ever made.

As a coach, Garrett specializes in helping people achieve the impossible. “This sport is about physics as much as it is will power. I believe in pushing you to find your maximum potential. You’ll use physics to start and your willpower to finish. I expect every member to honor their commitment and give 100 percent, every time.”


  • CrossFit Level 1
  • World Ranked Power Lifter

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