Eric Simpson

CF-L1 Trainer / Gymnastics
Eric Simpson


  • CF-L1 Trainer
  • CF Gymnastics


I started CF in September of 2014 because I was looking for something to help get me more active, outside of work. I worked on the basics and techniques for a long time, and still haven’t mastered any of them lol. I got my L1 in July 2016. I really enjoy learning and trying to help others get better. Gained my Gymnastics Cert in 2017. I love the CrossFit atmosphere, the class setting, the people, the enthusiasm. It keeps me motivated to try to stay healthy and active. Made some really good friends, met some awesome people, and been to some really cool places.

Outside of CrossFit, I enjoy being around my family, my mom and sister, and the new family I’m building and becoming a part of with my girlfriend Beth(whom I met through CrossFit) and her two kids, Hayden and Abi. I love being outside, and traveling and experiencing new places. But I also like a lazy afternoon on the couch doing nothing. I try to stay balanced.

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