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What Makes Us Different?

CrossFit Hickory is not your ordinary gym. Unlike other gyms, you will not find any machines in our facility.

The core of the CrossFit program combines Olympic style weightlifting, bodyweight exercises, rowing, and gymnastics with the use of kettlebells, ropes, rings and more.  This type of training is completely functional and 100% of it will transfer from the gym to every facet of your life.

Conventional gyms offer expensive equipment that isolate muscles that were never intended to be isolated. The muscles of the body function in harmony with one another, and are rarely isolated.

CrossFit is not a social club

We do one thing very well: get results. All we ask is that you come and give 100%.

CrossFit is structured to train in small group settings. This develops motivation, camaraderie and also adds a little friendly competition.

Private training sessions are available if you need a little help getting started or just want a little more attention.